Customized Solutions

At Pillow Logistics, we treat each customer as our only customer - tailoring our reliable services to meet your specific needs. Our customized logistics solutions improve how you serve your customers and help you operate more efficiently.

Because we work with businesses in a range of industries from healthcare and banking to office supplies, manufactured goods and many others, no day is necessarily ever the same for us. We take pride in learning what's important to every customer and how we can help better meet their unique business goals through effective logistics strategies.

We cannot predict how we might best serve your business until we hear about your specific needs, but here are some of the customized solutions that are benefitting our current customers:


Times have changed; everything is done on the go with no real time to spare. Why not let the Pillow Logistics E-Business give you a hand. Whether you are an existing client that would rather place your order online, or a potential client shopping around for some answers, you can have the convenience you need without neglecting your other daily responsibilities. Once your enter this area of our Site, you will have the luxury of Online Order Entry, tracking, inventory ordering/tracking, invoice information and all with the use of a keyboard. Contact us today to put your time back where you really need it most!

Order Entry/Tracking

Welcome Pillow Logistics customers. Please log in below. You will then be able to complete the Order Entry form and enjoy the convenience of tracking your pickups and deliveries.

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